Tax Strategy Statement and Policies

In compliance with Paragraph 17(4) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016, Stephen James Alliance Limited and its direct subsidiaries (DC Management Services Limited and Stephen James (Automotive) Limited, together the Stephen James Group) consider that the publication of the information below constitutes publication of the Group’s tax strategy for the purposes of Paragraph 16(2) Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

This document has been approved by the Board of Directors of Stephen James Alliance Limited.

References to tax include all forms of direct or indirect tax charges paid by the group including Corporation Tax, VAT, payroll taxed, import taxes and stamp duty land tax. The tax strategy applies to all entities within the group as well as all directors and employees whose actions or responsibility impact on the management of tax.

Tax Governance

The group is committed to applying diligence and care in our tax management processes and procedures and ensuring that tax governance is appropriate, with accountability for the tax strategy resting with the Board of Directors. The Finance Director has overall responsibility for the delivery of the strategy and holds the role of Senior Accounting Officer.

Our tax strategy and policies require that our dealerships fully comply with all appropriate UK tax law.

Tax Risk Management

Accounting and payroll systems and tax reporting packages employed by the group are typically industry standard and are recognised by HM Revenue and Customs.

To support us in ensuring that we have understood and interpreted both the drafting and the spirit of tax law correctly, we seek advice from our tax, accounting, property and legal advisors. All of which we ensure are leading, highly respected and reputable firms which are suitably qualified and experienced to provide us with the required level of professionalism.

Tax disclosure

We understand the value of our financial reporting to customers, investors and other stakeholders. We work to provide enhanced, transparent and balanced disclosure in communicating our tax affairs.

Tax planning

The group does not undertake any tax planning which HM Revenue and customs consider to be aggressive and the group is not involved in the implementation of any schemes which are notifiable under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) legislation.

The tax strategy and policies are reviewed on an on-going basis by the Board of Directors. Tax strategy and policy issues and/or any changes in HMRC legislation from the UK government budgets, are monitored and assessed on a case by case basis by the Group Finance Director and his team.

Relationship with Tax Authorities

Stephen James Group has a set of five core values as follows:

Unquestionable honesty extends to our dealings with the UK tax authorities where we have an open, honest and collaborative approach. The group ensures returns are submitted and information requests are replied to in a timely manner.

Updated and approved: 03 March 2023