The Stephen James Ownership Protection programme includes a range of products that help cover your vehicle for a whole range of issues.

Please use the cards below to find out about each product.

  • Cosmetic Cover

    Cosmetic Cover

    Why would I buy it?
    To enable cost free repair of unavoidable minor scuffs and scrapes and make sure that my BMW always looks as good as the day I bought it.

  • Tyre & alloy Wheel Cover

    Tyre & alloy Wheel Cover

    Why would I buy it?
    To cover the cost of 5 replacement tyres I across a three-year policy if I suffer a puncture.

  • Williams Racing Paint Protection

    Williams Racing Paint Protection

    Why would I buy it?
    To protect the interior and exterior of my new BMW against the elements and other road traffic grime that could otherwise diminish the appearance.

  • Stephen James Extended Warranty

    Stephen James Extended Warranty

    Why would I buy it?
    To extend the period that I have worry free driving as any covered repairs will be paid for by the policy. It will also future proof any potential future repair bills from inflationary price increases and save me the money for a roadside assistance policy as this is provided..