Our electric cars use innovative technologies and materials in order to maximise their efficiency and sustainability. Compare our electric models and let yourself be inspired by the future of mobility.

Benefits include:

Lower benefit in kind.

Business users benefit from the lower Benefit in Kind Tax (BIK) for all electric and efficient plug-in hybrid vehicles in the UK. Drivers of all electric vehicles receive preferential tax rates frozen at 2% until at least 2025.

Low ownership costs.

If you are able to regularly charge your car then on a cost per mile basis, an all-electric vehicle can provide fuel savings when compared to combustion engines. Further savings can be made in certain cities that offer free or subsidised parking for low emission vehicles and all of our electric models currently (as of May 2023) qualify for the London Congestion Charge exemption with CO2 emissions less than the 75g/km criteria – saving up to £230 per month. 

If you are interested in a BMW electric on either Business Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire, get in touch for a quote as we can personalise the monthly payment to suit your budget.

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